Our activities

Média Animation has the vocation to develop responsible citizenship through the education of the citizen’s critical faculty towards a mass communication society. Our association is actively supporting associative, social, educative or cultural institutions, projects and initiatives within the French-speaking Community of Belgium as well as at the European or international level ; we provide communication professional actions and services for citizen projects in order to favour a critical use of communication tools and methods.

Adult education activities

The main activities developed in adult education framework can be divided into four different kinds of small workshops :

Critical-study groups on media :
“Cinetic” projects, workshops on critical analysis of the television, press…

Groups on media criticism :
“jeudis de l’Internet” project, open source software,…

Workshops on expression through mass media :
“Egaux.be” project, photo and video workshops, “young people” songs, development of the musical heritage,…

Workshops on the media as social challenge :
the “midday of associative communication”, accompaniment in the designing of tools such as “Zayneb’s fate”, Blogomag, or the GSM project in collaboration with the WWF…

Some of our activities are directed at a broader public, either to :
 reach a greater number of people during wide-ranging events such as the Week of Action and Cinema Festival against racism,
 or to reach associative- or cultural-life actors in the prospect of basic work, such as the “Mediappro” project or the “young people songs” symposium.

These activities are strengthened, supported and completed by an important number of analysis and studies allowing to :
 enrich reflection groups and workshops of expression,
 spread toward a broader public the reflections carried out within the framework of adult education,
 increase basic research contributing to the evolution of our association’s future major trends.

Media education resource centre for Education

Média Animation is recognized as the multimedia and media education resource centre for the education sector in charge of introducing media education within private education. However, because of cross-activities and partnerships generated by the CEM, pedagogical tools, research and methods concern the whole education community from every education network.

Média Animation intends to fulfil the different duties assigned in this prospect, according to the funds allocated :

  • Training : analysis of the requirements, design and realisation of the training programs (more than 200 days a year of teacher training).
  • Activities : taking care of school groups, organising debates and coordination of pedagogical activities.
  • Information : equipment advice, publication of information tools.
  • Documents lending : books and media specialized in media education are made available.
  • Production : creation of training documents (books, videos…) and aid for the realisation of school projects.
  • Equipment lending : additional equipment is made available for schools.
  • Research : it refers to the setting-up of research action and evaluation.

Média Animation takes an active part in pedagogical reflection about the implementation of media education. Whenever it is necessary, Média Animation meets the people in charge of the different educative federation at least once a year, in order to set up priorities regarding adult education and implementation of media education in the programs.

Moreover, Média Animation participates actively in the CEM and in a series of workshops providing pedagogical support for operations such as “Ouvrir mon Quotidien” or the publication tools designed for teachers.

Activities of the communication sector

The communication sector aims at providing a professional team and audiovisual or multimedia equipment to the associative or education non-market sector in order to develop their communication projects. Média Animation’s support for such projects ranges from basic consultancy to the complete take-over of the realisation, not to mention all kind of technical backing (scriptwriting, animation of creative workshops…). Média Animation is making a point of meeting the objectives set up by the partners, whilst adapting to small or large budgets. Média Animation cooperates on a hundred of projects every year. These services are contributory on financial level.

We must underline that an adult education dimension appears in this kind of projects : when an association orders the realisation of a communication service, Média Animation helps the activists or managers of the association to make a critical observation of communication and society. Working on communication with the associative sector often means challenging the social purpose of associations and promoting a coherent ethics for communication.

The activities refer to the different kinds of media :

Web & multimedia more than ever.
The new technologies are constantly evolving. Texts, pictures, videos, drawings, are now gathered on a single multimedia support …creating or editing a CD-ROM, designing one’s own website…The Médialab cell of Média Animation provides training and support for your projects in order to enjoy the capacity of such supports.

Video, at the heart of reality.
Video is a very popular communication medium, which doesn’t like amateurism. Média Animation provides help or complete support for video production projects according to the budget of the partners. It produces captation, coverage, consciousness-raising documents, or advertisements.

Sound : a dream for the ears.
Sounds can be received alone, or in addition to pictures. When it refers to audiovisual, sound creates space. Whether the projects are informal, purely technical or artistic, our studio responds to every kind of demand. Média Animation produces original soundtracks, jingles, voice recording, demo recording or compact discs. Our experience enables us to go further than a simple home studio.

Graphics : an impressive image.
Printing is given a top priority in communication. Making it attractive is often a matter of subjectivity. If the content is good, then Média Animation helps to find the form and to produce personalized documents, logos, folders or posters.

Communication campaign.
Communication projects are very often manifold and need media coordination. In this prospect, Média Animation helps to design and produce a communication campaign combining coordinate messages in the media.

Activities of political representation and cultural spreading

Média Animation’s surveys lead its managers to participate to an increasing number of consultation bodies, deliberations groups, governmental commissions and expert groups. The team members act as experts during conferences, training, and so on.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of such places : the Higher Board for Adult Education, the group of experts for the European Commission’s media branch, the media education steering groups of the European Charter, the Higher Board for Broadcasting, the accompanying committee for Internet access, the Safer Internet Belgium group of expert, …

Média Animation is also associated with cultural spreading activities such as the “Evere en chansons” festival directed at young people, or the trial jury of the “wolu-rock” festival.